A treasure in itself

Mélanie is an adorable person that more than limited to one country she’s citizen of the world. From dawns in Japan, middays in Florida, sunsets in the Pacific Ocean her experiences enrich me because they are seen across eyes that have read and seen with European humanist culture, and a kind heart. Besides she is a formidable translator, I love especially her versions of poems.

Her playground is, although I’m sure the occasional visitant of my diary already knows it ;-), here.

Always is nice to have a time in the day to play :-)

Rainbow at dusk

Mélanie asked for a rainbow, an aurora borealis and the pure heart of a congressman in a coffer. Sadly I just could get the rainbows, I live in the austral hemisphere and will try to travel at least once to Ultima Thule; even worse my dagger have search in the chests of several politicians without success (but I’m still searching), so I could not fulfill the requirements TTT_TTT (I’m joking about the hearts btw XP)

The first image is in the countryside of Bolivia near the capital of an old Empire; the second is in Juliaca city years before when I didn’t know how to use a camera, so the shake in it.

Chacas Lagoon – Juliaca District

Patterns of water, patterns of air, patterns of earth

Juliaca city has populated since thousands of years ago, the main Apu (sacred hill) is Huaynarroque, a hill with two peaks that shows the unity in the duality. But there are another secondary apus and places with its own communities. Chacas lagoon has two towns: Kokan and Chacas. They are something similar to satellite towns but they’re more like part of a body of sacred hills and the lagoon that I guess has the status of a cocha (sacred lagoon). Apus and Cochas are like ancestors to us, in our mythology there is no creation but breeding so every community has to care its Apu and Cocha with specific rules.

The first signal that you are near a sacred place in Peru is to see an old catholic temple. To indoctrinate us priest built temples near Apus.

The door of the red star

But well, you know once one church and usually you already know the rest and my goal was to walk in the lagoon where I played when child. I followed the road…

The road

Spirit of Wayra

Chacas lagoon is at 3829 masl (approximately 12 000 feet) in a weather where usually there is just cold.

A yellow flower in the green field of the blue heaven

A road of sky crossing an earthy way

Cover me


A road in earth; a road in the sky

Near the lagoon I met three kind persons attending the fields of papas. The lord of the fields asked me for some photographs. The Qashwa, a mythological warrior dance with a symbolism of fertility, was nearer so there was a kind spirit.

Hard word of hands

The lagoon

I drink to forget

The school used to hire a little bus, but I went walking and the lagoon seemed so far. But I get the shores. Although I took another road from a side I didn’t know, so the place was like go for first time again.

A little point in a vast universe

Crossing patterns

Sentinels of the forgotten lagoon

Sea of Metal


Running for your life

Classical landscape of the highlands

A storm seemed closer so I scape… err, I mean, I did a strategic retreat. Just kidding :P, I had to return so I came back to the road.

Soft rain upon the sleeping hills

Storm hungry of light

Road to come back

Juliaca’s airport is near the lagoon so it’s common to see the planes…

Time to say good bye


I remember a conversation; probably one thousand years ago when Æthelred ruled New Saxony and I was (more) innocent.

Again the dawn was closer and she had to be in her house. I stopped a taxi and in the road she talked a bit angry, saying that probably I was with “other” That was a bit ridiculous because that was just a thing of a summer, impossible because her baby and my travels, and she herself had asked for an open relationship, barely something more than casual friends. She said, after several accusations: “bah! it’s the same to me: I don’t care.” Sadly to me conversations are like chess, so I studied the phrase and answered calmly, as a gentleman shouldn’t do, “lie: if you wouldn’t care, then you hadn’t asked…”

After that it was just the silence, she was angry to discover the truth in my words and the cabdriver hold the breath waiting for an answer from her that didn’t come. Sometimes to win we have to lose, so winning the conversation I think I lost the truth. I saw her some nights more but was like a meeting of strangers. Also I’m sure that I misinterpreted her feelings, probably she wasn’t jealous but doubtful about my worries not related to her, perhaps she thought I was bored. Of course also could be vice versa…

Today I was thinking in that memento for a young lad that suddenly finished his short friendship with a young lady. She didn’t know why and I attributed it to immaturity but secretly I suspect he was indeed jealous.



Sahuace means in Quechua wellspring and fertile land. Is considered to be founded by Inca Mayta Capac (Qhapaq) for the Inca Empire. These days has a quiet countryside and is famous for a colonial watermill. The name misspelled, although legal, is Sabandía. It belongs to Arequipa City.

Usually I’d publish it in a weekly long post but I just walked around there barely a bit so there aren’t many photographs. Hope you find something of your pleasure ;-)

Walking royal blue

Tenuous reflection in tree tears

Mars’ countryside

Imagine a shadowless world

And that was all. The peculiar sunset vanished, artificial lights turned on in the mostly empty countryside. Time to go to home.

In flames