Uros: Artificial Islands in lake Titicaca

Come up, my friend

Uros are at the same time old and new artificial islands in the Peruvian side of lake Titicaca. Similar to the Japanese wooden buildings they are old because people have built them since long ago, possibly as a way of defense against invaders, they could be when there was a migration from the south. I’ve theories but not details. They are made with totora, I ate totora a bit when child, it’s a neutral taste; and they are new because they are rebuilt, moved, even some can navigate when the lake is brave and the anchors cannot support them. So you have the key in the totora, you can built ships, homes, the ground with it, and even eat them. It’s almost a gift.

I’m not the touristic kind of traveler, I just like to take a bus and walk, see, think. This time I had to go with a brother and, before I got my Sony R1, I used an Olympus SP500-uz from 2006. This camera has softness in the long end of its zoom, chromatic aberrations and was broken so I just could used in totally manual mode so I learnt to control the exposure with the experience. What I try to say is that if I could get some good photographs then you can too with any cheap compact of today. Those days I used to take thousands of photographs, now I think before shoot. With film or digital I just shoot what I think I can share with you.

The travel started with reflections in the lake. We were in road to Uros islands.


Rock Island

Hill talking to Heaven

Yacht for two

Then we arrived to a little island. There a person expose us about the construction and culture (and I am part of that culture) but it was so short and there was no time to ask questions. But here started the fun and the reason I don’t like to use touristic services: The brief exposition ended and after that we had free time to buy souvenirs… I bought a pair of keychains and went to take some photos, I was a bit uncomfortable, in certain way it was like if I would go to shopping instead of traveling. It was not expensive but I would feel that we were not respected. In our culture it’s quite important the correspondence in education but I think they could avoid that for the contact with tourists in a hurry, I hope.


Skeleton of hunted home (perhaps by smugglers of house oil)

White, blue, yellow



Triangle (totora flower)

A touch of vermillion

Storm Sentry


But surprises didn’t end there. The pirate, ehem, the captain, said that there was another island, bigger and with a restaurant (and I guessed with more souvenirs) but we had to pay MOAR or been left in the smallest one until their due return. Well then… So we navigated the eternal sea to the bigger island.

Blinding intensity

Little pet

In the next photograph I am not sure if it is a place to produce souvenirs. I think that home is preparing for a celebration so the colorful textiles.

Time of celebration

A moment in Uros Artificial Islands

My brother wanted to eat but I didn’t feel with humor to eat for the unexpected surprise. I know I am exaggerating but for that reason I don’t use touristic services. So I just walked…

Black Watcher

Curiosity of a puppy

Uros’s doll

Color and Metal

Waiting for a king

Afternoon in the lake

U turn


Another Universe

So time to come back and to say bye and thanks.



Beer Hypercubicus (or about real poverty)

I am from one of the poorest provinces in a country that was super poor and now is not that poor. Which is sad because before we were a rich empire with obsession in genetics and environment control.

One thing I hear regularly is that people has money for nothing, that they barely can survive in a world where everything is more expensive and with a State that should give them money. Curiously every Saturday, or Sunday, or since Friday to Monday if there is a happy reason, I see that same people buying boxes and boxes of beer. I think every box costs about 45 dollars…

With that I don’t want to paint me as a saint, I dislike beer so I don’t spend my money in that, but the same way I guess I spend a lot in books, software, some luxuries, etcetera. But I think I can say that if I am poor or something it’s my responsibility.

By the way I hope to finish my review of the Canon EF film camera in at least one month. I got to repair it completely, get rolls of Portra 160, Ektar 100 and Fuji Pro 400h and I am selecting the places to go to see if it can be a reliable experience in my country, because it’s a beautiful medium but it has certain limits for the lack of skilled labs.

Meanwhile a photo ;-)

Mine ;-)

A little handicraft in my parent’s kitchen, the little guy is grabbing a Coca Cola. In the south of Peru and Bolivia it has a certain symbol of ownership in our culture. It’s used even in the sepultures (we arrange a glass of good beer or Coca Cola on the graves to avoid our loved ones feel thirst)

This leprechaun or gnome seems me kinder a happier with a bottle of soda instead of gold ;-)