Two brothers



Have you ever listen about Barragán? He was a marvelous architect, a delicate gentleman (is the impression I’ve reading his correspondence with Kahn) and a master landscaper.
Some years ago I bought a magazine, and in its pages I found an observation quoted from Barragán:

“… there are ways to make invisible a wall, one of them is paint it in blue and put vegetation in front of it. Another way is…”

That was like light, like fire in my mind. If you work with invisibility then you can work with anything you desire. Since then I never says no to any architectural challenge, sure, the answer can be harder to find, but I know that there exist at least one answer to a question, in fact the most of time there are a lot of answers, and several of those answers are in certain way a new question.

The wall on the picture (from the multicolored walls of Santa Catalina de Siena Monastery) hasn’t that effect because the vegetation would need to be more natural in their arrangement and because, of course, the builders probably didn’t want to vanish the wall but to get a beautiful effect of solitude with the christian God; nevertheless I cannot avoid to have a memento about the words of Barragán, satori perhaps could say the Japanese.

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