In the old cultures that inhabit and populate several lands in recent and young countries as Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and parts of Argentina and Chile there are beliefs beyond any Spanish influence.

Some traditions are vanishing, for example the integration with the ecosystem, but others are stronger.

In the old days every village, town, big city or ayllu (ayllu is a group of related persons in a certain number and way of organization) was in a sacred place, not sacred in the form of a divinity because there was not the European concept of them, much less the middle east concept because our culture is at the same time matriarchal and patriarchal. Then this sacred places were more like a dear ancestor, a grandfather or grandmother, not a creator divinity. That is the reason that Spanish people and the catholic church had problems to teach us the concept of a creator God. Even today I have to admit that I doesn’t understand very well the concept. To try to “solve” it they put crosses on the top of our Apus (sacred hills, actually our ancestors), so in those times the syncretism begun in the empire, or at least on the rests of once was the Inca empire.

But there was the Pachamama, there is the Pachamama. She is more or less the concept of Gaia or the Mother Earth, if I am not wrong the sea is the male principle. If you travel to here someday, and you see that the people before to drink a beer, chicha (the equivalent of Japanese sake or Russian vodka) or other drink, spill with care a bit, actually that’s a “pay” made with affection to the Pachamama. Always, before to drink, spill a bit respectfully is almost a rule of respect. Also in other occasions, when is realizing a deal, the two parts make a “challaki”, that is an equivalent of, let’s say, a toast with champagne, in this case the challaki consists in spill with respect a bit of the first drink to the earth in honor of the accomplished transaction. That was the way I bought my last camera.

There are some traditions vanishing in the old cultures of the old empires; but some of there are stronger…