I think that to sense the architecture one needs at least two elements: light to have a spatial perception and a person to use it, not just to see it but really to use it.

The architecture is space sculpted with light. Without light is hard to have a spatial perception. And is a fact that the light changes its qualities in the day and is different at night. So the architecture is not an static mass, it moves with you across the time. I think that our reality would be more two dimensional without light, just measured by sounds and the world perceived by touch, a world of just one or two meters around us. Could be more creatures with more senses to who we are limited in our perception of the world? Right now require certain knowledge understand the real form of the universe.

And well, to this hobby to take photographs the human being give it scale, architecture without people is just something sad because sometimes it means that is a sepulture, or unfinished like an unclosed circle.

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