Today I went to downtown to pay a register, and noticed several couples in the street or girls going to meet their half oranges. I see that most people has some relief in celebrate this day cause is a predefined day to share some love. I haven’t a girlfriend now but at the same time I am grateful to not have a girlfriend today. Today I see as a day of compromise to obligatory do something special, although this “special” always is go to eat to some place, a red rose and the time to exhibit the (official) couple to the best places the pocket can endure.

I am not against that, in fact I understand the couples expect those rituals. But to me that ends in a never ending game of do some actions in some predetermined times and places without much heart or mind but a calendar reflex. That’s a reason to not have girlfriend today, (or to not be had for a girlfriend), like religions the custom kills the spirit.