About the eternal and the ethereal



In photography I like to try new things, I like to try the clichés to after avoid them. Although I guess I am committing a lot of photographic clichés. I don’t know, I have no much photographic books and I am not totally familiarized with the big names of this art. But I am learning something new everyday so I hope to be more and more in the water.

This photo could be a natural landscape but the highway was near so I wanted to mix a urban type of photo with landscape. Fortunately the night covered me against the car driver’s incredulous stares. I mean, Is it so hard to believe that someone is walking alone in middle of the nature? Is that or I’m so skinny that probably more than a walker I seem a ghost, lol.

I liked the composition so I took just two or three pictures more and after that I walked two and half hours to the near town of Imata and… well, that is a story for another day.