Imata I: The Blue

There is another reality


I’m going to put some articles with several photos about a place or a travel. Perhaps in our fast times that is counterproductive but I think that that’s going to give a better understanding of the photographs. I hope to do this at least one time per month, but not more than one per week. This first part is Imata with daylight.

About Imata

Imata is a town between Puno and Arequipa. There was a time when it had more population but today there is no much people, and well, if you hope a tropic place with trees, one thousand birds and girls barely dressed the reality is that the Andes modify the climate so strongly that in fact it is a cold place. I born approximately at 3800 metres above sea level, but Imata is higher: 3930 metres above seal level (12893 feet of altitude) I felt cold but not much and anyway Darwin mentions Dr. Huxley’s studies about the quechuas and, my group, aymaras, we are adapted to our high altitude. So I went just with enough cloths, the lighter possible.

My preparation

To travel the most important thing to me is not the digital camera, but a good pair of shoes, even without food I know what I can do to survive in the highlands, but to do that the shoes are super important. I took my Sony R1 with me, I hadn’t yet my polarizer, and neither my 1000x nd filter nor my reverse graduated square filter. So I went with the naked Zeiss glass. If someone thinks in this age that an UV filter is needed I hope that seeing my photographs that one can see that is completely wrong.

Why Imata

I chose Imata because I wanted some quiet place, my plan was go to some non-touristic place, and in this case there was the promise of waterfalls. Unfortunately they were so far away! Perhaps another day I’ll take a bus. A chose also Imata that specific day because my android app tell me that the moon would be in the day, so I could have a more interesting vista of the sky.

The journey

I was received by caracaras, they are little vultures. They are used to see humans because they didn’t look shy to my presence.


I ask for some data but the people seemed not to walk so much to the waterfalls. I understand it, when you live in a place is something common to no have much time to a free time.

I follow the highway and take the fewest images I could, because I think it’s better one good photograph to one hundred blind shots.




Touch desire

Calm frontier

In Perú you are going to see crosses in the highways. Actually they are memorials to remember relatives that died in accidents. Would be great if those crosses were just a few but the sad truth is that highway accidents are frequents.

In Memorian

The caracaras are omnipresent and has no fear to pose to my lens (is that or I look half dead haha).


The town is behind and the drivers are surprised to see me. Is a bit uncomfortable because I am well dressed so I don’t understand very well the stares. So I walk a bit far from the highway which is cool because there are greater vistas with less garbage.

first class seat


Moon over blue



Superdimensional fortress

We would like 2 be free

One Can

Volant and Manent


ephemeral museum



And that’s everything for this first part. The next part, the next week, will be “Imata II: The Gold”


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