Imata II: Toward the Stars


The previous week I published the first part of my visit to a non touristic place called Imata. It is half way my home city in Puno Region (highlands) and Arequipa Region (near the coast) If you have curiosity is here: Imata I: The Blue I know that there isn’t a clear difference between both posts, but remember that the change in the day is gradual, there are half tones between the words day and night.

Recapitulating I was searching for some waterfalls, but they were so far and my goal was just to walk and see whatever the road would give me to me. This second and last part is about Imata’s surroundings beginning when the light was gold until the blue light of stars and the moon as only companion.


Colors falling upon the two brothers

Wait for me

Last man on Earth’s journey

Fields of Gold

Daedalus alone in the sky

Rorschach Test

Blue river in Yellow submarine

Crossing this point, this river, I had a little opportunity to see if I could go to the waterfalls, but that was an insane dream: I had walked near three hours to that river, if I would tried to go I probably had got hypothermia; so I just take more vistas for a prudent and reasonable time and came back to the town of Imata. My limit was this rock formation with the river, the sunset and the moon. I think it worth the adventure.

Yellow rive

(Earth-Fire-Water-Air) Collision

Gentle farewell

The Wall

Intersection of Forces

Desvanecer en rosa

That point into the blue

blues and whites

Suave levitar

Luna de Imata

And that was the end of the blue hour. Actually I didn’t take so much photos. I think that with a better camera is less necessary to take more pictures. A time ago with the old compacts I had to take at least three times more photos to can get one with a better exposure, and of course I hadn’t enough practice. But know I am taking much less photos but at the same time everyone has more right to exist, in reference to what I want as photography. It is the fantastic that it’s just a hobby, I am not worried if it fulfill professional requirements… Simply I take what I want.

Neo Qosqo

Solitaire Can

About the eternal and the ethereal

Primum mobile (glimpse)

Road to Fairyland

Milky Way and moonlight

Field of Stars upon travelers

Night crossing Imata for last time

And that was all. I walked again two hours and half and I bought some things in Imata. After that I waited for a car that would do service between Juliaca and Arequipa. After one hour or a bit more fortunately one passed the highway and I just paid ten soles (a bit more of three dollars) to come back to the city.

I would like to go another day to see the waterfalls, but to go to normal places has its risks. I mean, the first is that you can be truly alone there, so if you aren’t careful anything could happen and nobody would notice it; there is no much data and the people in those places although kind and polite haven’t much interest in know those places. That’s understandable, they have to work. But it also has great advantages. You are truly alone so you can think clearer, have a pause and in a certain way start again with a better point of view. Nothing like go to another place to see how some situations are really meaningless and other ones are worthier of our attention and valuable time.


12 thoughts on “Imata II: Toward the Stars

  1. Wow!! Incredible scenery , what a place , the colors the clouds , all that time alone .. To think and regroup !! Yes u should be careful though .., being so isolated .. Your right no one would even no where to look for you .
    Beautiful landscapes

    1. In part I use a camera for that, because the correct person could see it too ;-) I mean somebody that could find it beautiful too. I’m very careful but u r right :-) there aren’t enough precautions.
      I don’t know but in my country nobody goes to nature to walk, it seems just to make camping and drink lots of beer xD

      1. Customs and how time is spent I guess are such an individual thing these days I guess:?) But your county is one I’ll never get to see on my own, so .. I enjoy seeing it through your eyes Francis thank you.

  2. Fields of gold.. is marvelous! So is Solitaire Can.. But not only. : ) Also, I loved your conclusion in this article, about gaining perspective.. really adding to that sense of place. And space. ^^
    Simply wonderful post, Francis!

    1. That was a nice afternoon-night in the nature, it is at 4500 above sea level (and it’s not the highest altitude for a city in Peru). To take a reference I understand the highest place in Europe is Moint Blanc with 4800 meters above sea level.
      If I would say it short I think the perspective is this: the important is your life.
      I am glad you liked it, a hug ^_^

  3. This is such a powerful place. And this series of pictures is quite incredible and pays tribute to the beauty of things. Thank you for this moment.
    It’s so different from where I live. Your country makes my heart long for something. It’s a gentle longing, though, which doesn’t hurt. ^_^ But it’s there.
    Thank you again Francis.

    1. I am grateful that it’s a nice longing… thank you, Caroline for see it with your way to see it… this was a life ago, a night in winter (and now we are in winter) Take care so much.

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