Prehistoric modernity


Last year my father was kind to give me his Canon EF. It is a bit difficult to find information of this film camera because it, a FD mount, has a name similar to the EF lenses for Canon film cameras with autofocus. This black beauty has just manual focus, That’s good, I’m not in a hurry.

I sent the film roll to a, supposedly, good lab in Arequipa . They gave me a little image from my roll, it’s a pity that they couldn’t process the roll as professionals. An image can be an important memory, for that reason I think they would do that work seriously. I am going to send my rolls to another laboratory, I hope with better and happier end.

I am Peruvian and I buy film rolls for the 35mm compact format that in digital equivalent is called full frame. My suggestion is that you have to avoid to buy them in touristic cities because they are probably fake, buy them in commercial cities, there the people lives and if it’s counterfeit the seller can be afraid that they are not going to buy from him/her again, instead in touristic cities they know that they’re not to going to see the same person again…

Anyway, it’s nice to see a developed negative of your work. It’s not better than a digital photo (now we have better optics and sensors with better accuracy, I think), just different.