La Paz, from midday to dusk (b)

La Paz

I like to wait the moment. I see something or some action in the near future that I think deserves to be recorded, so I wait… I prepare my old Sony R1, gently I handle it like a medium format camera with a waist level viewfinder, the zoom is manual so quietly I graduate it to the exact point I want it. The moment is coming: there is nothing between me and the image I see in my mind.

Inhale. My hands take the weight of the camera anticipating the shot.

Exhale. In the last second I am ready, I take just one shot and nothing more.

Mesmerizing clock

Organic Lines



Happiness in La Paz

Toward a shinning world

Basilica San Francisco

She’s the centre

green thoughts

Under the light of giants

The Tower

Man observing the Tower, Tower observing the man

Read the light

Magic light

Green Lantern ;-)


Fiat lux

And that was all. I had to go so I went to home.

She’s not coming

Quickly, the sunset is ending!

Where people says good bye


The name of the architects that I could find as the buildings authors are:

  •  Edificio Hansa (the taller building in the respective photos) by Arq. Juan Carlos Calderón (“Green thoughts”, “Under the light of giants”, “Man observing the Tower, Tower observing the Man”, “Read the light” and “Magic light”)
  • Pasarela Pérez Velasco by Arq. Diego Marquez Burgos and Arq. José Marquez Pereira (“Mesmerizing clock”, “Organic lines”, “Generations”, “Antena”, “Happiness in La Paz”, “Toward a shining world”)

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