Bridge Between Zephyrs



There is a book by Sabato, “Abaddón el exterminador” or the translated version “The angel of Darkness” where the main character is emerging from a dark underworld, populated by creatures related to us but so different that lives and dies with their own laws and motivations. But then he get to emerge to ground, meanwhile he is ascending he can hear the sounds of the constant Buenos Aires’s rumor that in their unending road insinuate the distant lights and the myriads and myriads of people.

A city as Buenos Aires would be, more than a machine, an organism so complex that it would be an inscrutable, almost magic, place to any creature, even if it emerges from an unknown and secret underworld.

2 thoughts on “Bridge Between Zephyrs

    1. Denise, I don’t know what to say because you have a wonderful inner universe that mirror in your art. Then I’ll just say a warm thanks, and best wishes from Perú.

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