Growing up

When child the adults had long conversations. Children weren’t allowed in those meetings so we had to play or just simply go to another place.

Now, when adult, I have long conversations with family, clients or colleagues, they can last more than one hour, sometimes half a day.

Honestly: they are really boring lol. with family and colleagues most of time the issues are gossips about people I barely remember or care, and with clients it’s more the need to talk to someone about intimate details that has no much meaning to me, so I guess that to they I am a comfortable ear not partial to their antagonists. I miss the childhood silence. Sure, I know that posting is a way to be too loud.I try to post something shorter or something worthy.

Growing up is about win special things, but also it’s about lose some others, because that I always thought and think that seventeen is the perfect age.


2 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. we have plenty of it in France and we call it:”l’herbe de la pampa” = grass from the pampa… :) muchas gracias for your constant visits to my playground, my very best and have a positive week! con amistad, Mélanie

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