A friend invited me a couple years ago to see a waterfall near her city. I was glad to go so we walked; unfortunately half way she slipped and hurt her ankle. While she rested I walked alone, the time seemed slow as if I were in an infinite day, then I saw this bird, more than a bird actually it was a nervous energy in red. In those times I had the Olympus SP-500uz, to shot the bird I had to put the camera in a tripod and elevate the iso, but I hadn’t the former nor I couldn’t do the latter except I wanted a poor image, so just simply shot et voilá: it was perfect, I just could take one photograph to the bird, and to my eyes it was beautiful. If I would be used the camera that I use today, a Sony R1, the image would have sharpness and definition, but then again that would be a boring photo of a bird on a rock.

I’m not sure if this would be a nice image to others, but certainly to me (a non photographer) it reproduce with fidelity what I saw: a being of pure and frenetic movement as a mirror of the nature that was flowing and singing in that particular way the little and quiet rivers do.

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