Cell Phone Camera thoughts: Unseen reality

The world behind the mirror

I think that a camera phone is an ideal tool to take certain kind of images, usually the ones that don’t require reality fidelity. It’s something similar to film I guess. Of course I am not including cameras in high-end smartphones and much less the lumia 1020 camera. Aside them a basic camera has the goal to be there when there is no other camera around. It is there to find the moment and for that it’s really important to know it to use it correctly.

I take photos with it without filters and in home I process the most of them to get an expression, an idea, the lack of resolution and detail helps with that goal.

huellas (invisibles)

UFO attack

Brazo robótico en el Mar de Titán

Angels before dawn

pieces in a hidden chess

The next post will be about landscape with the cheaper cell phone cameras :-)


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