The Andes are called Andes for a mistake: The Empire had four regions (Tawantin Suyu means the Four Regions), every Suyu has its Qhapaq, the equivalent of King (my real name seems similar to king in Spanish, it’s not vanity ;-D) and the four Suyus were ruled by the Inca in the capital: Qosqo (Cusco), it’s in the intersection. The Anti Suyu was the region in the jungle lands, its longitudinal border were the mountains from the highlands. When happened the Spanish invasion they misattributed the name to the mountains, and they misspelled it and the sacred apus and mountains where called Andes from the word Anti. In Perú is common to think mountains as sleeping people: some gorgeous girl, an ancient queen or king, a dreaming emperor. But religiously they are very alive instead: they’re the nexus between the sky, the water that goes to the earth. I love to climb them by the way :-)

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