View from the starship “Earth One”



Certainly I’m bonded with the sea. There is an old inner memory that connects me with it. Perhaps it’s the Titicaca lake, the last survivor from an ancient sea millions and millions ago, perhaps it’s the balance with the sky and the earth. What I know is that I feel it at the distance.

But I cannot be so much in the coast, I win the sea but I lost the stars; and the stars to me are more needed. The sea is my the nexus with childhood (previous eternity) and the stars with the adulthood (future eternity) .

Juliaca is a city at high altitude (3824 metres or 12,549 feet above sea level), so the sky is clearer than in other cities from Perú. The city is big but not so big that the pollution hide the sky. Juliaca is not a beautiful city, I say it because I born and grow up in Juliaca and I believe in truth, not in false patriotisms, but the sky and the countryside are absolutely formidable.

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