Fin de Verano



I’m not a bokeh fan. I am first a comic reader so my ideas of two-dimensional images are similar to a comic vignette: everything is in perfect focus, and all has to have a meaning. Generally the girls ask me for portraits with everything else except their eyes out of focus, and if it’s possible with a nice bokeh. As I wrote before I think that it’s a consequence of the magazines portraits, and surely the paparazzi’s telephotos of stars. Of course I don’t say that’s wrong but my ideals are related more with comics, and besides I take mostly landscapes so I prefer everything sharp and focused.

But a few times when I see I can get an abstract composition with bokeh, well, that’s welcome, the geometrical figures, lines, circles, planes, etcetera, have a strong attraction to any mind, I believe that just seeing the art in every culture.

FWIW the circular shapes were done with an aperture of 4.8 on a tele mode with the old aps-c Sony R1, it’s not necessary to have a 1.4 in full frame. Just focus in macro mode or the closest possible and the objective has to be the farther in relation to our position and that’s all, it’s more effective with lenses in tele mode. I prefer the out of focus areas circular, I’ve seen other in onion shapes but I don’t like them.