Let me protect u, Madame.



If you travel to Arequipa you’ve to have a hat. It’s the second city on the world with more solar radiation (the first is Alexandria) this because it’s a valley inĀ broad Atacama desert. To me is hard to endure the heat there, and the buildings are made of a white volcanic stone that could be a bit strong to the eyes. Centuries ago they were painted with reds, blues and yellows, but in this age they have no paint, to my taste that’s good because they look more classical.

I don’t say that it’s terrible the weather there, only that I am not used to such sunny context, it has great spots to go and I’ve some friends that I’d like to visit, but certainly I am foreign in a city inside my country with a remarkable but so different culture.

Achilles Paradox



I have three favorites ways to travel: On foot, at every step you own the world with your senses, you aren’t dependent of another one will; inside an aguayo (it’s a square textile, enough big to wrap a child, the women put it in its back to carry everything) it’s so warm, someday I’ll put aguayo’s photos; and on a trycicle, they’ve the driver behind and you are commanding the wind. I don’t like cars, trains although sometimes I like planes but I would prefer paragliding.

The idea is freedom.