Today I saw a gorgeous girl in the market, she was a blonde beauty from some distant country, her hair was as a golden dream with a subtle and simple white dress. For details I saw in her skin I deduced that she was from a place near the sea Mediterranean or perhaps a warm country as Uruguay or Australia. Sometimes happens to me, 2 see a girl so beautiful (I consider every woman is beautiful, it’s just some are specially more beautiful to me) her image in my mind is… haunting. I say it because I have a terrible memory, I’ve almost forgot the names of all my classmates and colleagues, but I saw her just ten seconds or more and it was a sloooow time. She said a “hola” to somebody, it seemed me funny that that somebody was me, so I just bought some bread and went to home, what a pity that I couldn’t avoid to think in those ten seconds. I’ve the idea that I haven’t bad memory, perhaps I don’t find so much memories to keep.

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