I was thinking in buying a medium format camera or even a large format camera. I think 35mm film photography it’s cool but it has the problem that it’s the format with lesser quality, and if I am going to spend money for every time I press the shutter so I’d prefer that the quality of the image worth the time and money spent on it.

But it’s not easy, I don’t live in US, EU or Japan, here in Peru the best places to process are in the small towns, but if I want true quality I have to import the film rolls, I’ve to import the batteries, if I want to repair I have to buy the manuals and repair it myself because the technics are forgetting to repair film cameras.

Ok, I bought from overseas rolls, batteries and parts to repair. I repaired the camera and now it’s working, but now there are again more problems: the laboratories haven’t skilled people to process the film, their scanners are old and domestic and certainly they are forgetting to process the rolls. The costs to get a kit to process in home the film are high, the scanners or macro adds to scan or photograph the films are high, if I change to medium format the prices are higher.

I don’t know if it worth it. Instead to worry in to photograph I am more worried, with film, in gadgets as scanners, tripods, shutter releases, etcetera.

Amarillo (puntos)



Points of Yellow. I’d like to take more photos of fields but when they are in middle of the city it’s a bit suspicious. In the countryside is another story, the people are very happy to talk with you and they can invite you to the fields to see their work. I guess it’s the problem of trust in the big cities, of course the little towns have their problems too.

Fin de Verano



I’m not a bokeh fan. I am first a comic reader so my ideas of two-dimensional images are similar to a comic vignette: everything is in perfect focus, and all has to have a meaning. Generally the girls ask me for portraits with everything else except their eyes out of focus, and if it’s possible with a nice bokeh. As I wrote before I think that it’s a consequence of the magazines portraits, and surely the paparazzi’s telephotos of stars. Of course I don’t say that’s wrong but my ideals are related more with comics, and besides I take mostly landscapes so I prefer everything sharp and focused.

But a few times when I see I can get an abstract composition with bokeh, well, that’s welcome, the geometrical figures, lines, circles, planes, etcetera, have a strong attraction to any mind, I believe that just seeing the art in every culture.

FWIW the circular shapes were done with an aperture of 4.8 on a tele mode with the old aps-c Sony R1, it’s not necessary to have a 1.4 in full frame. Just focus in macro mode or the closest possible and the objective has to be the farther in relation to our position and that’s all, it’s more effective with lenses in tele mode. I prefer the out of focus areas circular, I’ve seen other in onion shapes but I don’t like them.

Sol y Luna



I’m still experimenting with the Canon EF film camera, and with rolls of expired Kodak ProImage 200. I saw Mitsubishi and Samsung rolls so I’ll give them a try.

What you are seeing is actually a double exposure: two different images projected in just one single frame of film. With the Canon EF I can shoot multiple exposures, not just two. In this case I mixed a sunset with the moon (it’s the white shape above the tree almost in the bottom middle where was previously the sun) It has a nice result: the blue sky has mixed and colored with blue the shadows and clouds and give to the warm sunset tones a cool effect IMHO. To put the moon in that specific place I used the aperture marks in the viewfinder as a guide. If it would be a slide I would have to change the ISO to compensate but with the negative latitude that’s not necessary.

Well, it has to be a nice photograph because it was EXPENSIVE, lol. You’ve to buy a roll, take it to the lab, import batteries and a long etcetera. I am not sure if the longitudinal marks are from the camera (I think not) or from the lab (perhaps) or from the expired film (I hope so)

Anyway, I’ll see if I can take sea photographs, tomorrow I’m travelling to the coast. It would be fantastic to go to the beach a bit ;-)