Road To Capua River


Time ago a classmate from Arequipa invite me to go to Capua Waterfalls, this is near Yura in the Southwest of Perú. They aren’t amazing or big waterfalls, but the path give time to talk and walk under the sun of the desert. It was a pity that she injured a foot. I was experimenting with the camera, an Olympus bridge with small sensor, so you are going to see images stitched with empty spaces and perhaps photographs that could be better, but I like them so I don’t worry so much. After see the limitations in resolution and functions I decided to go with a better camera, and the Olympus was very good.

The Olympus is so good that even with malfunction as is was in that time and today took good images.

Endure the time

In those times I was trying digital filters, today I don’t do much of that anymore, I feel them as distractions.

Someone observing all

Textures of Green


orange energy

circle and triangle

Between light and shadow a blue road

Naturally I took several photos of her, and to her, not for the blog, for that reason I’m just posting two of those because she is not recognizable and weren’t posed but composed by me.

I’ve to see

Fractal organism

lines and dots

Sprawled gold


Oblation to blind blue heaven

The mysterious field of wild strawberries

Toy trees


Grades of shades

once upon a time a little sun…

soft surface


Dreamy path

One choice and nothing more

Primitive eye

Hidden door to the underworld

There is no path, just ur feet


Nature in movement

Fearful waterfall

The calm that precedes the turbulence

let’s sleep

Perdurable fluir

Piedra Negra


Frozen Fire

And that’s Capua, certainly it’s a small place but in there is no place where there isn’t nothing to be recorded. It’s incredible to me how can live people there under a Sun so strong, but then again to them is incredible that I can walk with light clothes in my city that to them has a very cold weather.

Also was great to find spots with so much green:

Green firmament of leaves


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