Alameda del Folklore – Juliaca

Absolute RIchness

In my country the arts are very limited for a question not of talent, skill or craft but lack of pride. We have an old culture from six thousand years ago, a long chain of storytellers, architects, designers, goldsmiths, generals, priests, builders, and a long etcetera of artists and scientists (believe it or not we had an obsession with genetic manipulation) But when the elite of Spanish invaders came and replace our own elite we had just to cultures: One from the poorer and less illustrate from a fanatic Spain, that didn’t allow the progress and brought the dark ages to our nation; and the other was the people culture, a culture without studies, improvised, that because there weren’t masters to teach the old knowledge. So we are westerns of second order because we don’t accept that we aren’t really westerns, and we are natives of second order because we don’t allow to acknowledge that the old knowledge, the ancient sciences and arts are not pieces of museum but is something alive, is a valid knowledge that should be developed. There are exceptions as painter Fernando de Szyszlo, his oeuvre is universal and at the same time has the same sensitivity you could read in the ceramics of thousand years ago. He is not imitating but he is just being authentic.

In Juliaca there is an avenue with sculptures. I like them so much because they have a better composition, they are almost alive and they embrace our live without shame but joy. I’m going to update this post with the name of the sculptor the same way that I try to get the name of the architects of the buildings I take. My city is actually one industrial and commercial, but not touristic, so is good that the city hall is sending some money to the beauty. (ok, ok, now the photos, lol)


The Real Devil

The march of the Head’s Collector

dancer of fire


The Head’s Collector

Marilyn Monroe from Juliaca

Greetings to the moon ;-)


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