Human web (in Orange)



I’ve read that we’ve a primary fear to spiders; in a certain way I think we try to replicate their webs in our cities, always connecting from a point to another in every way possible. There are bonds between us not necessarily to join us because it’s also true that one can be totally alone in a city, and this is truer when the city is bigger. So our webs could be traps to be alone although they seem made to connect us to the rest. Like a center that instead is a hole or a prison.

Actually that’s a reason to me to not use facebook, because I think that a profile there is an excuse to not visit friends because you can say that you are always with the others, and besides I saw how people who came from distant countries just sit down and starts to type in their cellphones, tablets or ultrabooks that they are travelling, but instead they are all day typing and no much more really. That remember me the university trips where mostly the group ended drinking the whole voyage. Of course I drank too but I tried to know the best I could the places to study. Those travels where just four years ago, I guess now with fb this is worser. Our webs to supposedly connect us are changing us in techie autistics.

I guess if people is happy then it’s better thus. Perhaps we share with spiders more than our fears could acknowledge, beings that build webs to be alone.

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