Passenger: Cotahuasi

time-space compression


Passenger is a series of photographs I do; taken behind the window of a car or plane in movement. I don’t believe in such thing as a perfect photography (sharpness, dynamic range, accurate color reproduction, clean noise, etcetera) but in perfect ideas. My idea is to use the movement to change the image taken, I could use a higher ISO or use shutter priority and after that recover shadows in raw; but as I said I’m not searching the perfect photo but to represent an idea. This is a simple idea, the technic is pretty simple. Just relax the mind and take the landscape taking in account the velocity of the car and the moment just to shoot. Similar to a Japanese archer when is going to shot an arrow while galloping in a horse.

Ideally to notice some shapes before they look completely blurred the time should be less than a second. If it’s more you should move the camera to follow the subject (panning). 1/100 of second the distant objects could look static what usually looks not good because it seems a half idea, neither it’s not blurred nor it’s static. As always the rules are to be broken (when you know them perfectly)

black clouds upon the face

black clouds upon the face

u and me

u and me

tree at dawn

tree at dawn

remember the sea

remember the sea

till to cover the world

till cover the planet

5 thoughts on “Passenger: Cotahuasi

  1. Nice ideas, I really like the “U and me” shot, maybe it’s the light or the composition, but it’s great, very painterly! :-)

  2. Thanks very much Katie :-) I like that photo too. The title is because when I see a calm reflection I always think in a poem about a mirror that in its surface always reflects the face of the person it loves. Regards from Perú ;-)

    1. Ave Emerald, thanks for the kind words to my post. You’ve certainly an extraordinary blog and I’m grateful for your visit to my blog, even more considering that I just shoot for fun. Regards from Perú.

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