Once upon a time a lake

once upon a time a lake

This is a view from Puno’s bay. Those ships were built in England, taken in pieces using donkeys and assembled in the highest (navigable) lake in the world: the Titicaca. Funny (or sadly?), because we have thousand of years building ships, we navigated to Oceania and Antarctica.

They were two ships, Ollanta and Manco Capac, (Capac is a misspelled form of Qhapaq).

I had curiosity to see the port at night, but there was empty; in a certain way is like go to a museum to see objects from the past: there is no life.

BTW in the sky is, if I’m not wrong dear reader, the Jach’a Qhana (what you probably name Southern Cross), four brilliant stars in the middle top.

Summoning Mysterious Life from the Moon



I like to photograph the moon to balance the void that can be when the sky is empty of clouds, colors or buildings. Besides I think it’s a mystery, the way it could affect the human behaviour, even the fact that it’s enormous to be a satellite.

Juliaca is the second city with more local tv stations after Lima, (or is it the first? :D), the antennas are near our Apu Huaynarroque (apu is a sacred hill or mountain). Spaniards tried to destroy our sacred figures, but they couldn’t destroy the Pachamama (mother Earth), or the apus, so on the latter they put crosses. So today the apu has crosses and antennas, well, perhaps that means that we adore the TV!! LOL