I am not happy with 35mm film quality. Grain is very distracting and the colors seems a bit harsh comparing to colors from medium format film, at least what I see comparing in internet galleries. And I don’t know if it worth it because although the medium has a particular beauty I cannot find a scanner that can transmit it to the digital medium. I sent the film camera to replace light seals and with that I would be fixing several malfunctions: stuck shutter (I fix it), broken link between iso knob and shutter (I fix it), there no exists anymore the batteries for light meter and electronic shutter velocities (I imported weincell equivalents from US), there are just standard films but not variety and much less the professional line (again I am importing them). With this expenses I think I am going to come back to watching TV!!! hehe

Instead my digital cameras works even malfunctioning, I can’t blame the camera for mistakes. I have two rolls of Portra 160 for use proximately. I think I do it more because I don’t like that machines are not being used than love for film. When child I always didn’t like film because the colors always were different from my memory, today I like it but exactly to exploit it inaccuracies.

I was thinking in film versus digital because today went to the technical service to see the camera, but without luck. I post today a photo from my Sony R1, as any digital camera is great to experiment with a lot of things, in this case a long exposure during day, after that I processed the image in lightroom, I used the trial version, but Photo Ninja won my heart so I purchased the latter and not the former, but sure I get some nice images.