Flujos de energía

circles and archs


I draw a lot, not necessarily works of arts, they are technic drawings, but I’ve fun designing electric connections, every point is a point where electricity is transformed in a lot of things: it can be the light that dimly create the mood for a romantic dinner, the reflected light that give you a path in the dark but at the same time enough shadow to create a mystery, also it’s a point of control, nexus between levels, the light that can save you in case of emergency.

But there is an aspect I enjoy about those drawings, it’s that the norm is very open about the final drawing, so my drawings are very personal, it’s my design (reviewed by an electrical engineer of course) and it’s my choice give them a certain curve or length of arch. I try to transmit that energy or that calm or any idea I feel.

Pretty boring I guess, lol.

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