Funky Expired Film (Kodak ProImage 200)

mad film colors

mad film colors

Time to hear those old Bob Marley’s Albums! haha. I’m still trying to get something rational from my film experiments, but it seems that there are thousand of issues. I get some photos with some weird colors. I don’t dislike them but it’s a bit like a lottery to know if the negative it’s going to give you something consistent. I sent the camera to replace light seals so know it would be right but otherwise it could be the expired film that give me these photographs in all the range of reggae colors (colors that I didn’t fix so much because the shifts are practically total). I feel like I took them with a camera in a hand and a funny cigar in the other!

bokeh in analogue clue

bokeh in analogue clue

the last soft clounds on the world

sea of ice-cream

Actually I like the results, what makes me feel uncomfortable it that those results aren’t from my mind or vision (oh no, I am writing as an artist!) but from technical issues.

welcome back to 70's

welcome back to 70’s

Does anybody see a phantom in the next photograph?

memory of an old building

memory of an old building

I posted this one before but it’s part of that batch with severe color shift (I mixed the moon and the sun in one shot):


Sol y Luna

tones of sunset

tones of sunset

But not every picture has these color shifts shifts and anomalous outputs. Some of them were pretty accurate so I believe it could be light leaks filtering light into the exposed negative. For example in the last photo you can see very realistic colors, even more I’d  liked to take the same scene with my Sony R1 because I feel that the film captured an amazing range of greens.

green in middle of red labyrinth

green in middle of red labyrinth


Said that I find more interesting the ones with color shift. The last one is just a simple shot I think. Technically I love the subtle tones of green and the detail captured for example in the leaves or bricks, but the composition is pretty normal, there is neither a question nor a message. I wonder if the other photographs would make me feel the same without the colors.

4 thoughts on “Funky Expired Film (Kodak ProImage 200)

    1. A casual inventor in this case Dan :D, the film was expired so I couldn’t predict it would get groovy. But I’m happy for that, it ended quite interesting. Thanks (y)!

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