Football: Brazil, Mexico, USA, Ghana

Hi mates, we are again in another World Cup. If you’ve played football when child then you know what I’m talking about: magic. Time when doesn’t matter if your country is a developed nation or one from the third world, even doesn’t matter if your country isn’t in the cup; doesn’t matter religion or politics, it’s just eleven persons against another eleven ones, they fight and they can change the history in just the time you hold the breath. It’s just when you live mythological ages again, and again Hector and Achilles, except that this time is fair and there is no chance that Achilles is going to receive divine help: it’s man against man, the last defense and the ultimate attack. The goal that came with passion and despair, or the madness that inspire a genius tactic or a skilled feint.

Although these last cups I have seen with deception the finals, they seem weird as… unnatural. Now I’m starting to feel a bit suspicious about the referees in the Brazil matches. I don’t know if they are blander because they are locals but certainly I end comparing those referees with the ones from the WWE, where there is a script…┬áMexico played very well and was a tough rival. I miss the old Brazilian team, that where there was magic and rhythm, this new Brazil started to shape in my opinion when Dunga was the chosen DT. He himself played in a more technical way if I remember well. USA is now a very good team, although I noticed that their coach seems more a baseball coach than a football coach. I mean, everybody is with a correct suit except the USA coach that is with cap and all. That make me think that the football in USA is still a secondary sport in that country where there is a lot of sports. Seeing the match against Ghana I believed that they were going to lose because Ghana has skilled players, and they played well but this is football. You can play nice, ugly, clean or nasty but what matter is the triumph.