Football: Australia(3)-Netherlands(2), Spain(0)-Chile(2)

Australia – Netherlands (3-2)

This match was a tough task to Netherlands. After a match with a Spain that didn’t get to work as a team the orange team probably didn’t expect a rival with an organized tactic to match them. Australia could have equalled or even won the match but they doubt, and even worse they tried to cheat to get penalty kicks. If you do that and get the goal so you are a heroe, but if you fail you are just a mere cheater. It was the last lost australian goal and Netherlands didn’t pardon them: they didn’t doubt and do the goal. You have to be a god in the match. You can fail or you can win but never doubt, after the match one can be humble but not in the game.

Spain – Chile (0-2)

Spain, ┬áspain… They were ghosts, they lost before the match in spirit. There were times where even they lied in the field like statues. I think they never worked as a team, Chile instead played as ever: pretty organized, cold blood to win and don’t lose the head with two goals ahead. An important note is about the Spaniard goalkeeper, I have no doubts that the captain encapsule the aspect of the team: unsecure, making distracted mistakes.


Netherlands and Chile are going to compare forces. I think it’s going to be a match with maximum two goals. In part because both are more relaxed to classify to the next stage but also they have a long history in world cups so there is no exotic elements as in the australian style or a problem of moral as in the Spaniard team.