Football: England – Uruguay

If you saw the match between England and Uruguay so probably you did it with the heart in the hand. It was a great match, with a deserved triumph with two excellent goals by Suarez.

Now… Uruguay is a strong team in South America, usually is pretty sure that they are going to classify to every World Cup, even they won the previous world cup in Brazil… against Brazil… You can bet your ba… er, your bag, that the Brazilians fans would feel much better if Uruguay would lost the match. Suarez was a heroe but not a lonely heroe, the team played very well and as always the defense was solid. Usually in the South American scale Argentina and Brazil are the first candidates but Uruguay is another favourite. The next match with Italia is going to be quite HOT!

But… What the heck happened to England? Its league is great, they have figures of world-class but their national team is an inarticulated team, it’s pretty evident that individually every player in the national team played well but as a team they weren’t the promise that their league would had anticipated. At least this world cup the English goalkeeper did a better work. I almost thought that the players were from rival teams. And the one goal seemed a despaired goal, almost casual. Better luck to England next time but in my humble opinion I don’t see opportunities to these ¬†world cup.