Sunset Street

sunset street


The sky is not blue, yes it is, but not always. Every time is a new sky upon a new world. The genesis starts when you born and the Apocalypse happens when you die, there is no end of the world, just your end of your world. Actually it’s not so serious, Did you know?

Football: Sweden – France

Hi homies! Did you see the match Sweden versus France? If you didn’t so don’t read because here comes the spoilers! haha.

The French army went with the order to kill or kill so they killed the Sweden team and did a lot of goals without anesthesia, five legals, almost two more that doesn’t get the Sweden rivals and they were so hungry that in the last second they send a lethal missil that wasn’t validated, if it had beenĀ half a second before we could be talking a more bulky score.

The Sweden team fought in the end so at least could get two goals, what a pity that they couldn’t do from the beginning, well, no problem, there was no victory today to Sweden but still they’ve gorgeous girls in home to solace them ;)

I was specting a French victory but not one so easy. Sweden had at seems a problem of reality and played as if they weren’t worried in get the next stage. Fortunately in the last minutes they proved that doesn’t mind if you are losing you have to play with everything. But football is a game of will and France still wanted more. In the next stage we will see if France still want.

Now I am seeing the match Ecuador versus History Channel, uh no, they say that that “H” in their chest is for Honduras…