Football: Argentina – Iran; Germany – Ghana

No llores por mi, Argentina. Today the albiceleste had a tense match versus the Iranian squad. It was so tough that if they wouldn’t be the Argentinean team you could easily think that they were a minor team. Without Messi and the heroic work of the goalkeeper Romero I doubt that Argentina could even tied. The Iranian team played well and they search, but didn’t find, the victory. Argentina won with a goal but it almost lost. I am not familiar with Iranian players, I would guessed that it was going to be a not very demanding match to the Argentinians but the truth have to be said: the Argentina of today is not the big Argentina from yesterday. Years ago there was the genius Maradona, but also cracks as Batistuta, Caniggia, Riquelme (although he couldn’t shine so much when he played), la brujita Verón, and a very long tradition of goalkeepers (now I just can think in Goycochea) so good that even some of them played for another national teams. Instead the Argentina of these world-cup is not of giants; is a professional team, don’t have any doubts, but it’s pretty obvious that there is distance to previous teams. But, the football is about to score, not about to play nice, and Argentina sometimes have started horribly and ended victorious. This could happen again.

Germany is another team that I love to see play the football. They’ve a style pretty defined. You know, you see the game and you can see that those are Germans. Nevertheless the previous match between Ghana and USA proved that Ghana has skilled players and an analytic team manager that knows to build a strategy against their rivals. They were very matched and the score reflect that in my opinion. Miroslav Klose not just get a goal but a decisive moment to avoid a defeat.

In this world-cup I consider the traditional teams from Europe and South America are having troubles with teams of exotic, in the world of football I mean, origin, with styles that besides skill with force and endurance they can break the forecasts. The exception to this rule is Japan. I am also worried that so many teams means teams with low-level allowed to the competition and reduce the physical response to the last finalists. I’d prefer much more fewer squads to a better world-cup, but I could be wrong so I’ll wait till the end of the cup.