Cotahuasi: night and afternoon moments

Nocturnal Landscape

Cotahuasi (pronounced more or less “ko-tah-wa-see”) is La Union Province’s Capital city in Arequipa region in the Perú southwest, the name probably means “Gathering of houses” in quechua, when Spanish came several names were modified, I m not sure if it could be the gathering of houses, not in a country with cities since at least five thousand years old, and I don’t think it refers to Houses as royal houses, if not the neighbourhood would be populated by Atreides, Harkonnens, Bourbons, Starks, Targaryens, etcetera, LOL. Actually there is no much wealthy for a lack of communication I think, the highway is tough and to come from Arequipa City takes several hours in a road without asphalt in great part of the route. But Cotahuasi wasn’t my goal, I’d to travel to Huaynacotas but if you want to go to any to the cities near the Cotahuasi Canyon the main or one entrances is across Cotahuasi City.

I was just a few moments before dawn and before the sunset to take cars, but I took anyway photographs. I don’t believe so much in the rules that say you that you cannot photograph in certain moments because one have to just search blue and golden hours. I’m not a photographer so I guess I can permit me some licenses ;-)

Cotahuasi’s Greek Embasy



House in a corner

blue window, blue door

Forgotten street

I had to wait a bus to Huaynacotas, my last photo was in broad dawn:

Cross the door

And that was the night kingdom upon Cotahuasi. I had to see a project in Huaynacotas, and after that present a report in Arequipa City, to do that I needed to go back to Cotahuasi City to take the bus. I was there in the afternoon. Bought a bus ticket and I had time to walk a bit before the bus were in the Terminal.

I don’t like street photographers

Little world

Lone horse

King tree

Give me your hand

My old corner

Tañe la campana en el solitario solar

Big landscape

Yellow Rocket to the Moon

Car collector


In Cotahuasi Canyon all roads lead to Cotahuasi City.


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