Football: Uruguay v. Italia, Japan v. Colombia, and Brazil v. Cameroon

Several duels my friends! Some victories and some disappointments.

Uruguay v. Italia:

Two historic teams fighting to survive. I said you it was to be hot but not even me could have anticipated a match with attempted cannibalism haha. Italia had a tactic rather defensive, before the match they said that they were playing against the hot climate so I guess they were anticipating a match not very favorable. Indeed the Italian team played as if they had fewer players (they lost to Marchisio but anyway they seemed to have lost more). Godín get the goal in the second time putting a nail in the Italian coffin. Uruguay 1 – Italia 0. Italia tried to get the goal but they didn’t.  Even Suárez almost got it taking advantage of the goalkeeper Buffon outside his arch. Uruguay is still alive to build panic in Brazilian hearts. In another side the bite of Suárez that he tried to hide as a crash could have consequences. I hope not because in this cup there have had other strong actions but at the heat of the match. I mean, more dangerous is a kick in the legs that gets a yellow card.

Japan v. Colombia:

Japan has a constellation of good players but they have a fundamental error: they don’t enjoy the football. They were so worried to win that they couldn’t make goals. They ran faster, they had the balloon more time, they fought till the end even letting their field just with the goalkeeper, they had opportunities but they didn’t get the score except one time. Colombia seemed to almost losing the game and the Japanese goals seemed closer. But once Colombia get the goal they started to enjoy the match and in the end they put four goals in the Japanese webs. I think Japan had conditions to win the match and score several goals but that mental condition of anxiety ended to make them lose the cup. At beginning of second time it didn’t seem fair the score but when I saw the Colombian team enjoying the football I knew that they deserved to win. Japan can, best luck to the next world-cup.

Brazil v. Cameroon:

Time ago Pelé predicted the rise of African teams as players of world-cup in next cups. And actually they are tough rivals to defeat, but they’re not ready to win, mention apart to Egypt that is strong in the African cups but don’t classify to world cups. But this match proved that they’re still playing as minor teams. Don’t get me wrong, their players are very skilled but they lack discipline and do dumb things as don’t control temperament. The dumbest of them was when a Cameroonian defender pushed to the grass to Neymar, when he was out of the field and the ball lost… But I know what that means: usually players do that stupid actions when they are tired of the match and want to quit letting alone to their national team. So they try to make dumb fouls. Brazil was better than Cameroon but not so much better if Cameroon would be more disciplined to get the victory. Physically they endure all the match but mentally they lost it. Brazil just take advantage of the deficiencies rivals.

It’s just coming to an exciting cup because now there are just the ones that want to win.