Football: Argentina vs Nigeria, Germany vs USA, Ecuador vs France.

Hemorrhage of matches. The World Cup is not just in your tv home, it’s in the radios in the busses and taxis, the lcd in the restaurant, the old black and white televisions (FIFA regulate the uniforms in such a way that a match can easily seen in black and white screens) A nice detail when you have to go out to the diary routine.

Argentina vs Nigeria:

It was clear that with Messi out of the field Argentina was more enduring the time till the end more than attacking. Nigeria is a good player in World Cups and against Argentina did a entertained match but, you know, Messi is a genius. Fortunately they also have to Romero. I see the other Argentinian players professionals but not exceptionals. Without Messi I felt that a more lethal Nigerian attack could be closer.

Germany vs USA:

Two German coaches preparing tactic schemes to defeat the opposite as chess players. I’m not fan of the USA football style, but I like that they play to win. Germany is IMHO a solid candidate to be finalist and USA was a strong wall. In this kind of match usually the inspiration opens the road to the goals. It had more pepper because at the same time Portugal and Ghana were playing their destiny or, in this case, doom.

Ecuador vs France:

One word: bored. Ecuador needed to win but there was a tactic mess and the players seemed not very into the game. France has a uninspired game and although they get the classification this is the kind of match that is rare to see in World Cups, except in the last finals that curiously the games have weird behaviours.


2 thoughts on “Football: Argentina vs Nigeria, Germany vs USA, Ecuador vs France.

    1. Thanks Salva. I take it as a nice compliment to my, made for fun, commentaries. And more after reading your deep essays with references to a broad field of opinions and lectures that are very well structured.

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