Red Core

red core

There was a time when I forbid the black color in my paintings. Of course they were paintings to the school and the teachers just said to paint anything but they didn’t teach us much about technics or compositions. I just simply stopped to use the black because it seemed to my eyes that shadows were generally blue, and in nature actually there were plenty of deep blues and browns instead of black. Fortunately my family inscribed me in summer courses for children to learn painting. Unfortunately I wasn’t a child, haha, no, of course I was a child but I felt (as a TV wife that never gets attention from her apathetic husband) very frustrated because all the time they taught me more about the simpler technics and nothing about to paint what someone wants to paint to say something.

I want to say something.

6 thoughts on “Red Core

      1. I thought he was your son, for that the maternal smile.
        It’s a nice pun, then you are an angel with two wings ^_^ Thank you for your words malyloup ☺

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