Football: Brazil vs Chile and Uruguay vs Colombia

Today I saw these games and I’ve to say that the end was unexpected and expected at the same time. Let’s see my reasons:

Brazil vs Chile:

It was expected the Brazilian victory, it was unexpected the almost Brazilian defeat.

Brazil played badly ,to be Brazil I mean; indeed I think the classic Brazil there no exists anymore. Now is a team with players skilled but not outstanding. At least I don’t see another Ronaldo or Romario. Before the Brazilian style were so dynamic and joyful that certainly it was a pleasure to see it and even more you can dream to try to play with those movements when football time with your friends. Not anymore, this Brazil don’t move me emotionally and actually I feel a certain antipathy.  Chile was very closer to eliminate them, it were just seconds when an almost goal go against the Brazilian pole. The 1-1 in the ninety minutes is a remark of the Chilean strength to fight. They were disciplined and the difference would be perhaps a moment of inspiration. In the Brazilian side they had the team, the fans, and the stadium but not the security to win. In the supplementaries the adrenalin started to impulse the actions, the legs couldn’t more but the duty was heavier. In the last seconds several Brazilian hearts were about to stop when there was almost a Chilean goal. Ended the supplementaries and the emotions in turbo it was needed to go to penalties. Goalkeeper Júlio César was the Brazilian wall to the Chilean dreams…

Uruguay vs Colombia:

It was expected the psychic blow in Uruguay, it was unexpected the Colombian dominance.

First I’ve to say that I am a fan of the Uruguayan football, they are something like grandparents. They’ve a rich footballistic history, or rather a History. Yes, with capitals. You cannot talk about football without Uruguay. And I don’t like so much the Colombian team, not because their football, but for a mundane bad luck that I always have meet Colombian guys that are quite derogatory respect our country. Although I’ve to say that the Colombian girls are instead sweet and wonderful. Anyway, there wasn’t Luis “Dracula” Suárez and instead the coach Tabárez put to Forlan. Certainly a great star but unfortunately Forlan is not he star of yore so he was replaced and the team had a better performance but it was too late. But they fought and they following fought. Is that what makes you a giant. Football is the game where you kick a ball to the arch of the rival team, so you have two goals, pun intended, to get: win and win. Of course you can lose but you have to play to win and to like the football. In this World Cup you have seen skilled teams but they lose because in my humble opinion they don’t like or live the football, I refer for example to USA and Japan, great players and I can see in their hearts that they want to win, but I don’t feel they like the football, or no so much as their national sports as baseball or American football, I see more a question of patriotism. In other cases other teams lost because they didn’t want to win, case of Spain. But Uruguay lost in the face of a Colombia that played with skill, joy and heart. Uruguay in return has the skill and the heart but not the joy, they were stroke for the Suárez issue and I hate to say it but I think that would be better to save Forlan to the bank because he was totally connected. Still they are among my favourite teams ever.