Football: Germany vs Algeria and Mexico vs Netherlands

These days I couldn’t see the World Cup completely except the exciting match between Germany against Algeria. But I saw enough of Mexico-Netherlands to have an opinion.

Mexico vs Netherlands:

I saw the last minutes, clearly Netherlands wanted to win and they get it. Robben was smart, as any competent football player, to tend a trap to the contraries, the Mexican defender fell in it and did a foul: penalty. The Mexican team wasn’t very solid to find the goal; and well, in this game not necessarily the team with nicer game wins, just the one that gets more goals so despite the great Mexican team and its extraordinary goalkeeper Ochoa, Netherlands scored more goals and that’s the end. Every match is a final.

Germany vs Algeria:

I wasn’t in home so I rent an internet public cabin with a big LCD, I asked one with an appropriate view and the beautiful girl get me what I wanted (in World Cup time I mean a seat with a view to the TV, in another time I would like instead a smile) So the match begun, in first time Algeria seemed much closer to the victory, but Germany has history and they were tough, although not as years ago they are still strong. In second time both of them were trying and this match was fueled by the fear to lose more than the fear to win (it’s something that happens sometimes in this stage) so it ended in what seemed just a few minutes.

So we go to the supplementaries. I was afraid that the match ended in penalties cause the goal is the reason to be of the football and in penalties there is no much fun, although much more stress. But came his majesty the goal with the inspiration of Schürrle, usually Germany is quite technic and against a rival with a great tactic scheme they can suffer it, but inspired players can break it and in this case it was with a subtle and impossible ball to the excellent Algerian goalkeeper. After that came another German goal signed by Özil but Algeria was still alive and they wanted to play and fight and even kill to despair of the German fans, so it came an explosive goal by the Algerian Djabou, it was almost luck that in the last seconds didn’t came the last goal.

Both teams had great and rapid goalkeepers, both had the will to win and the skill to get it, and both had the fitness to endure a very demanding match. If Algeria had would won it would be also fair, but then again football is not the reign of “what if” and German won and it’s ahead. Algeria can go to home with pride, I admire the two teams I saw today.

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