Football: France vs Germany; Brazil vs Colombia

Hearts throb, legs weight tons, there is just a moment to score the goal, just a chance to change the History or lose everything: World Cup has begun.

France vs Germany:

Germany played a long match before, France instead played the ninety minutes in its previous match, they were supposed to last more and better. Perhaps they were with that thought, endure the German attack until exhausting them. Germany was not agree, they knew that they had to score from the start, every minute it was to going harder and tougher. Hummels kill the match with barely thirteen minutes, it was not just crossed the French webs but their hearts and will to win. I am not sure if France hoped to win in the second time with a better condition but they played without much desire to score. Even in the end the most of them didn’t seem very conscious that they were completely eliminated. Germany 1 – France 0.

Brazil vs Colombia:

Colombia has a great team, perhaps stronger than Brazil but they started the match with disorder that wasn’t an organized football but a street football, that do more damage than the Brazilian attack or the referee that allowed a game of kicks and fouls without so much punishment. Certainly a Brazilian stadium have to weight to the rival team and at least a bit to the referee. Thiago scored in seventh minute, and the first time was mostly Brazilian; Colombia ran to score but in a way that I thought that a Brazilian counterattack would get another goal. In second time a Colombia, with strict orders from Pekerman, did a better fight but Brazil was in home and David Luiz scored the second one with an amazing goal, the Colombian goalkeeper (that seemed hurted or at least different) and the backs couldn’t do nothing except to clap (of course they didn’t clap) and after that Colombia get the goal with a penalty. I thought that the referee, the same way as the WWE referees, was going to pass out in that moment to not validate the goal, LOL, fortunately the game don’t degenerate so much. Neymar is probably out of the World Cup, although I personally feel it more for Suárez I hope that Neymar can still play. With every match there are excellent players out but well, that’s the football and at least always there is time to swore revenge, and sometimes to retrieve.

I prognostic that Brazil is going to eliminate to Germany. Brazil has more difficult matchs with South American teams because we know each other. I invite to Germany to prove me wrong ;-)

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