Black and White – A


In the beginning with my hobby to take photographs I used to convert to black and white. With the time I discovered the way to modify the colors in the black and white converters to get different tonalities and shades. But I have to confess that my family don’t get it so much, mainly because they started with Black and White film so the color represents like the culmination. And they have artistic eye so is not the case about a lack of appreciation. Nevertheless I felt that I was abusing of the black and white conversion. Today I believe two things: to shoot in black and white I have to think to feel and to see in black and white, and that no everything works in black and white. However here I have some photographs in black and white. I hope you find one that makes you smile ;-)

Let’s dance

I’ve to see

Playing with infinite

Everything in control

Three leaves

Dear visitant

Just thinking

Tactile surface

Midnight Hostel

I saw u calling the dark


The march of the Head’s Collector

Game of shadows

as tears of wool

Two windows, one Lamp


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