Football: Brazil – Germany or the German Massacre over Brazilians

I am quite happy with the score. Actually it’s the best that could had happen to Brazil.

Today happened something incredible, and to the worse it’s the second time that it happens to Brazil. Before in Maracana (we call it the maracanazo) in 1950 Uruguay won the World Cup defeating to Brazil. Now, 2014 Germany has eliminated to the local Brazil with seven goals, seven bombs, seven arguments to say to the world that Brazil shouldn’t never abandoned its jogo bonito. Today Germany played with force, skill, and rhythm. They played as if they were the old Brazil when there was magic in the Brazilian team. Today the Brazilian team has no magic and it’s the worst team I’ve never seen.

Previously I said that Germany would be easier than South American rivals because we’re used to play against Brazil. But I was badly wrong, Brazil felt those matches just because now is an inferior team. A humble team in comparison to previous ones with true giants, when Brazil has stars even to let in the reserve. But since the coach Dunga they changed the style from the jogo bonito to this more (before this Germany I had said “European”) aseptic game. Although the Brazilian players played with order (in the beginning) and with the win as mission they simply aren’t the giants of before. Fortunately they fought till the end although they seemed a team of nine players, because you can lose but you cannot abandon the fight. So my hope is that this great Defeat, with capitals, helps to bring back the jogo bonito that I loved when child. I am happy for Brazil because today should to die this misdirection in its football.

About Germany today was magic, was passion, was will. If you pardon my sacrilege to Schopenhauer today the German team show The Football as Will and Exhibition. They played gloriously, the didn’t make the first goal to after that defend their arch. They continued the attack for the victory. They played nicely and they made dance to the Brazilians that were completely disarticulated. They score that kind of goals that you just can do when you play in the block with the friends, they enjoyed and won. I don’t know if they are going to win, who does; but I know that they today deserves be remembered. The first goal was done by Thomas Müller barely eleven minutes in the beginning; Miroslav Klose signed his name in the History at 23 minutes, breaking the mark of maximum World Cup goal scorer over precisely the Brazilian Romario in Brazil itself!; Kroos got two more at 24 and 26; and Sami Khedira followed the German Dance at 29. Ends the first half. In the second time Andre Schürrle get two more at 69 and 78. Unbelievably they even lost some goals. In the minute 90 the Brazilian player Oscar scored the one to Brazil but it felt almost as Germany had allowed it. End of game: Germany to the History.

I was totally wrong with Germany, I thought they would be eliminated, but the last match against France showed a steel will, Football is a game of want, and Germany wants.

Thanks Germany.

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