Football: Argentina vs Netherlands and thoughts about the Sunday Final

Today is the first day after the Mineiratzen. But today was also a football day, the other semi-final:

Argentina vs Netherlands


Argentina have had problems with their team. It feels weaker than before, there is no Tévez and to say the truth to the most of them I don’t know where they play. They have won to their rivals in this World Cup but seeing the team it’s hard not to wonder if they could come so far without Messi. But also is truth that sometimes when Argentina don’t play nice or do a great spectacle they can go higher, sometimes not.

Netherlands won everything and they had defeated with a clean game (except some theatrical actuations from Robben) and they had a solid team with an intelligent star in Robben. So I wasn’t sure to see an Argentina winning the match.

The game.

Some internet news said that the match was boring. I don’t agree. It hasn’t goals because tactically the coach designed a scheme that was strong in attack and defense. I believe that the match was so leveled that it was going to be breaking for the inspiration of a genius, and this genius could be Messi or Robben. But they had barriers to get the goal. In some parts Netherlands was clearly attacking more, in others Argentina, but the goal didn’t come. Neither at first nor in the supplementaries. Mascherano was a hero because he blocked the clearer opportunity of Robben against an almost lonely goalkeeper. And Mascherano get it without give to Robben the chance of a penalty. Robben and Van Persie seemed this time tired. Even Messi didn’t run so much but I think in his case it was because there was no much opportunities to run and score. He is intelligent and knows when to run. Argentina had two clears but they were soft balls that the goalkeeper Cillessen had no problem in to catch. There was an argentine goal invalidated but I’m not sure if it was illegal.

Both teams hadn’t holes and played well, what speaks better of Argentina because they weren’t playing as a solid team until today. The minutes were passing and it was time of penalties. Romero was a truly hero saving twice the Argentinian webs, Rubben scored as always: technically perfect but Vlaar and Sneijder had chosen the final doom of Netherlands. After Messi’s goal and the Romero wall it was just for fun that Garay, Agüero and el Maxi Rodríguez scored against Cillessen. Argentina 4 – Netherlands 2

In my opinion the figures and heroes of today are Mascherano and Romero.


One of my oldest memories is the final of the Italy 90 World Cup. I don’t remember so much about the matches but I remember the final match between Argentina and Germany. Today Argentina classified and happens to be finalist against, again, Germany. That match in 1990 was painful, die mannschaft was a pretty hard rival and although Argentina had a lot of stars, definitively the present team is not so stellar. In Italia 90 they had Maradona, Caniggia, Goycochea, and a constellation of stars even in the reserve. The final is going to repeat but I couldn’t give a prediction.

History would say that Argentina is going to win because in America never an European team has won. But yesterday Germany kicked the History to the garbage with 7 (seven) goals to Brazil in home. Germany never had made a goal to Brazil in a World Cup. Romário, the great Brazilian striker said that it was a problem of corruption in Brazil. I saw him to play, and I believe in him. The Brazilian team defeated by Germany was one very weak. But also is truth that Germany has discovered its mojo. They are dancing in the grass, they are enjoying and they want. But… the last finals were disappointing, I hope this final is going to be the great match that the World Cups deserve. In this case is a shame to be the second, and even more the third place is received with more joy because it at least means that in the end the team won, but the second means that the team lost.

In any case the football have to win with a great exhibition this Sunday.

Field of Gold

The celeste against the orange.