A personal story about Football

In first place thanks to every follower that had the patience to bear my football posts this extraordinary month with the World Cup Brazil 2014. Thank you dear reader.

And thanks to the anonymous visitors that read my words about our shared passion. You and me are in the same brotherhood, thanks.

I love football because it’s fair and it’s funny. You don’t even need a ball or shoes, you can shape some rags in spherical shape and run with your naked feet. You can play it alone, you can play it with another person, you can play it with ten more folks against eleven and you have a team. Basically you can be the goalkeeper, a back or an attacker. And you are ready to go!

It’s a team work, but in few moments you can have inspiration and be invincible (the word comes from Latin invictus and means that you can’t be defeated) and just run with nobody able to stop you, you are wind and you are divine when you get the goal.

I wouldn’t have considered to be a professional footballer, the same as I wouldn’t dare to be a professional photographer. Just because they are hobbies I love, the same as to travel to places, and to draw. That’s quite different to architecture which I see as a way to make something useful to the people, but don’t get me wrong, certainly I love to design too.

So, goodbye till Russia 2018!!! Brazil 2014 was the best World Cup in several editions so I hope Russia can follow that spirit :-)

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