Overcast sea (at sunset)

overcast sea


One day I went to Tacna city so I thought in travel to Ilo City, it’s located in a harbour of the Pacific Ocean. Probably it was one of the places where ships from the Inca Empire went to travel to the Antarctic. The sunsets here are quite amazing but only in Summer, the rest of the year it’s with fog and clouds, that day I hadn’t luck but that happens, so instead to rant I took some photographs of the landscape.

In the end the hidden sunset tinted the day with a soft red. Time to travel again.

2 thoughts on “Overcast sea (at sunset)

    1. Except that instead of yachts in this side we have artisanal fishermen xD I didn’t expect the color, it was a boring grey, but at the moment of sunset everything got an almost reddish atmosphere, thank you for kind words :-)

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