Moonochrome – A



Moonochrome is my gallery dedicated to the moon, “A” means that after a time is going to be a “B” and more.

Moonochrome is dedicated to that almost magical being that inspires us to tell stories at night, to hunt and to travel (and to write about lovers :P); the little world whose closeness allow us to dream to conquest the space. The lonely moon in the vast sky.

Moon in aymara is Phaxsi.


believe the moon





mystery moon

mystery moon

Moon over blue

moon over blue

moon planet star

moon, planet, star




7 thoughts on “Moonochrome – A

  1. Again.. your perfect captions, always.. bull’s eye! : )
    Also, Moon over blue.. and Moon, planet, star.. would make perfect paintings, you know. To hang on the wall, I mean. Purple, top of the color spectrum. ^^

    1. Thank you Nicol. I am glad you liked the captions. I always get flattered when somebody takes the time to reads them. ^_^
      You just need to wait and these compositions appear in the sky. : )

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