Made of fading time


made of fading time


I took this photograph with so much interest in that cloud at dusk. To have a better representation I took six photographs and stitched them to get this file. I think if the conditions are given it’s better to zoom in the lens and stitch the photographs instead of taking one photograph and after that do an extensive cropping. That usually ends amplifying the lack of details, if there are no much pixels, and lens aberrations or noise. Actually my camera has a great fixed lens, I do it more because ten megapixels have its limits. It’s easy to see if an image have been just sharpened instead of other one that is naturally detailed.

If you click the image your monitor is going to explode, lol, no, I mean, it’s going to open a window with a much bigger file ;-)

That cloud is like time, it seems so slow but if you are distracted it¬†has already¬†reached you. It’s already night.