Hanan, Hurin


Duality is quite important to the world, at least to my native point of view of the world ;-)

Before the invasion it meant that cities had two leaders, one to the hurin side and another to the hanan side. Traditionally one is the lower half and the latter the upper half, but both halves would be as brothers, not submission. So in the army were two leaders, and in every part of the life.

But duality is just a part of a bigger system of symmetries that includes more levels. And these symmetries are usually not exact but with differences in proportion that have correspondence with other levels of symmetry.

When I do anything, unconsciously I apply it to my designs, to my drawings, in my photographs, or even to simple things as the way I choose go to some place or another.

6 thoughts on “Hanan, Hurin

  1. wonderful photo! that does it represent? The words I have to decipher a bit.- they are wonderful introduction and invitation to study and get to know Incas. I am happy that I have come across your blog.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I hope I can be able to answer your question. Actually English is not my native language but here we go:
      *I’m not photographer, so my ideas are quite simple (I hope) In this case my goal was to represent the unity of two sides of the world (earth-hurin, heaven-hanan) through the smog
      *I saw a duality as a mirror in the shape of the cloud with the pattern of the ground. In our culture this symmetries are haunting. In everything, for example if someone invites you to his or her home in correspondence (balance or symmetry) you take a present of equivalent personal value.
      Actually our dear Incas were like Romans, they build a lot in the culture but they were just the last stage in thousand of years of several cultures.
      Thanks for your visit, if what I wrote is still dark and I could give more light I’d be glad to explain you or give you more references. Regards.

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