Dusk behind the Apu Huaynarroque


4 thoughts on “Dusk behind the Apu Huaynarroque

  1. Hi dear, could you please recommend a book or an article, preferably in English, that would help me to understand all the mythology and philosophy of Incas and other cultures that you mention often on your blog?
    Dusk in magical :)

    1. Hi!, thanks for your interest. I can suggest you books by Maria Rostworowski. I’ve found books in English in Amazon bookstore. Her history of Incas is a classic and a pretty good introduction.
      Although the philosophy or thoughts I mention are from family and society in my city that is near the Titicaca lake, but religion and society histories help me to understand why our society (in the native side) works as it works.
      Hope it serves to you :-)

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