Naturaleza muerta

naturaleza muerta


Some day I had to travel to Tacna city (the original name in aymara language is Tacana) so I stayed in a cheap hostel for traders and I image smugglers too from the frontier. Suddenly in middle of the night there was a blackout upon the city, so I took this photograph because the night without artificial lights is totally different:

It has the aspect of a city suddenly abandoned and forgotten.

Today I had to go to a business date (not in Tacna but another city whose name I don’t want to remember), so I was in downtown’s city at afternoon, I met two girls that were classmates at university, and a woman that needed my services. Besides I saw several beautiful girls, some of those gorgeous women were from Europe, Argentina and US I guess, and others were locals of that other city. It was strange, Why is there so much beauty this day? I thought, then there was light and I noticed that today is Friday… so it’s natural that a lot of the youth of this city or that visits this city is taking a bit of time to have a great time. I hope they take advantage of it, or it would be, as I know perfectly, stupid otherwise.